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Mercedes Sprinter Van • Mobile Office

Midwest Automotive Design in Elkhart, IN offers the Portable Hot Spot as an accessory to their Mobile Office customers. See them at www.madlimo.com

Mobile Office

Staying connected through the Internet is quite a challenge when on the road and in motion. Several companies have field teams that work out of a Mobile Office. This is one of the best applications for the Portable Cellular HotSpot because it takes advantage of SPRINT's vast infrastructure. It literally turns their Mobile Office into a HotSpot that can handle multiple Laptops and IP Devices off of one SPRINT unlimited, national data subscription. The savings potential is huge compared to multiple AirCards or Satellite Internet, plus, the Bandwidth and Connectivity are superbly better. Our Industrial Grade Antenna System is a must in this application.

Off Site Meetings

This can be at your clients' conference room or at a facility without WiFi service. Most of your clients don't want you on their network and you quite frankly don't want them on yours. Portable Cellular HotSpot provides you a private, secure connection that may be used to communicate to your company's network and/or make presentations from your company's website to your clients or prospects. This is the "Politically Correct" choice.

Trade Shows and Conventions

Internet Service charges at Trade Shows and Conventions are normally quite expensive. Now, you can bring your own service into this environment and control your costs. In most cases, the savings from a couple of these events will cover the cost of a unit. Also, Trade Shows and Conventions are usually held in Metropolitan Areas where SPRINT's Data Service is the strongest. Lure prospects to your Web presentations by providing them Internet Service at the Show.

Recreational Vehicles & Coaches

Whether you own or rent a RV, our Portable Cellular HotSpot is the best toy you can have for a trip. Your family will love it for their Web Entertainment and you can keep track of your business while on vacation. You can also take your new toy into your friends' homes that you visit or provide Internet Service to those you befriend at campgrounds. They will love you for it.

EMS, Disaster & Municipal Vehicles

Portable Cellular HotSpot can serve as either the primary or secondary source for Mobile Internet Connectivity. EMS vehicles are the ultimate mobile office environment with multiple Laptops and IP Devices needing to be served. Portability can be key as well when Technicians need to go outside the vehicle into emergency site. Utilizing an additional communication infrastructure, such as SPRINT's Cellular Network, is very prudent.

Construction & Remote Job Site

New construction sites seldom have Internet Service available even if they are in Metropolitan Areas. Utilizing the existing communications infrastructure from SPRINT can be the answer. That coupled with our Portable Cellular HotSpot can provide Internet Service to multiple Laptops and IP Devices at a nominal monthly subscription fee. The Portable Cellular HotSpot can also provide Internet Connectivity to Remote Sites and Businesses in Rural America because of the range of its Industrial Grade Antennas.

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