Multiple Wireless Internet Connections Anywhere* via a single cellular data account!

(* anywhere a Sprint data connection is available.)

Now, you can have your own Wireless WiFi Hot Spot that is PORTABLE and take it wherever you or your company desires.

Operation of the "Portable Cellular HotSpot" is as simple as connecting it to a vehicles cigarette lighter, or via a wall socket by use of the included power converter, raising the two industrial quality antennas, and turning it on. After the "Portable Cellular HotSpot" powers up, connection is as simple as any other wireless device. The "Portable Cellular HotSpot" also provides 2 or 4 Ethernet jacks for use in non-wireless situations.

As with any network, the keys are bandwidth and connectivity. The answer to these challenges are the "Portable Cellular HotSpot's" high tech cellular modem and an industrial grade antenna system.

Combined with SPRINT'S EVDO Rev A Data Service in Metropolitan areas, this unit can serve as many as 12 IP Devices via a single SPRINT unlimited, national data subscription.

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